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On 23 November 2020, the National Sports Agency sent an e-mail request to all applicants for Můj klub 2021 Programme to verify the number of athletes listed in their applications and extended the deadline for filing the applications by a few more days. The aim of the deadline extension is to give applicants ample time to check the number of athletes listed in the application forms completed via the new Registry system. 

If an applicant finds that the form has been completed correctly, no further steps are necessary. The application will be automatically forwarded to the administrator at the end of the term. To update the form, the applicant must withdraw the application (under the My Applications section in the Sports Registry) and file the correct application again before the end of the term for filing the applications.


Please rest assured that even individuals that have not passed a check in the public register (reported as not found or not reported) may be included in the application at the filing date. We will inform you about the checks over the course of the administration process.

The Sports Registry is administrated by the National Sports Agency under Act No. 115/2001 Sb., on support to sports.

Once you have registered your user account, please:

  • confirm your registration e-mail
  • send the signed registration form to the NSC in accordance with your e-mail instructions

For answers to frequently asked questions / error messages and information about the process in general, please refer to the Manual.

If you file an application for Můj klub Programme, please be sure to check the number of athletes recorded in the application in all the relevant categories.

We extended the application deadline by a few days to allow you to again check the numbers of those applications that have already been filed.

If the number of athletes that you keep on record does not match the number of athletes reported in the application, or if you wish to change any other entry in the application form, you may update / withdraw and refile the application (via the My Applications section in the Sports Registry) by the filing deadline.

To import the application, we highly recommend you download the new form in csv format, which will allow you to use new functionalities.

Click to continue to the Sports RegistryPokračujte na Rejstřík sportu.

If you have any inquiries about the Sports Registry, please call. We are unfortunately currently unable to promptly respond to all inquiries. So please follow the foregoing manual, if need be.   

704 857 097 (Mondays to Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

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