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Filip Neusser


Filip Neusser is the President of the National Sports Agency, the governing body for sport in the Czech Republic. He has been in office since May 2021. He is a former professional field hockey player, one of the best goalkeepers of his generation. During his sports career, he played in Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy. He won two championship titles in England and represented the Czech Republic at the European and World Championships. He also worked as a vice-president of the Czech Field Hockey Association, a head coach of women’s national team and an external advisor for sports to the Minister of Defense.  His recent work as a chairman of the National Sports Agency focuses on attracting youth back to the sport and physical activity and increasing the number of Czech women’s national teams at future Olympic Games

Asistent of Chairman: 
Diana Dubalská


+420 704 857 100

Asistentka předsedy: 
Veronika Pohlová


+420 704 857 100

deputy chairman

Markéta Kabourková

Asistent: Daniela Vojtková

Mail: vojtkova@agenturasport.cz

Telefon: +420 704 857 107

security director

Michal Strnad


Jakub Večerka

+420 704 857 095

Sports Support Department

Sports Support Department

Milan Labašta

Director of the department

Department of concept and methodology in sport

Anna Králová

Head of Department

Department of records in sports

Martin Chmelík

Head of Department

Sports Department

Kateřina Šampalíková

Director of the department


Office Support Department

Office Support Department

Zdeňka Malinová

Head of the economic department

Department of Subsidy Control

Daniel Slivka

Head of Department

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